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The irony that this post went up on Whole Life Challenge today, when I’m at a particularly low point thanks to chronic stress, is not lost on me. I received notification at about 9AM that it would go live today, and although I posted the link immediately on my own social media outlets, it’s taken me several hours to re-read what I wrote a couple months ago. I mean, I know what it says. And frankly, I didn’t want any helpful advice from some know-it-all on the web today.… Read more Transitions

The Efficiency Expert

Am I the only one who puts away the perishables first, after a trip to the grocery store? Get the ice cream and frozen peas in the freezer, put the milk and yogurt in the fridge. Veggies in the crisper, cold cuts in the deli drawer. Stack two egg cartons. Find a spot for the hummus, two kinds of salsa (medium and fire-roasted), the yogurt drinks that A.J. requested, and the pre-roasted chicken I feel guilty for buying because I’m perfectly capable of roasting my own chicken but dang it’s… Read more The Efficiency Expert